6500 7200

Misato Suzuki is a painter and designer whose work integrates nature and culture, threading together contemporary life and the living world. A contemplative artist with a highly stylized approach, her work is connected to specific people and places. Misato was born in Aomori, a city in the northernmost part of Japan. Her work is influenced by her time spent near the ocean and surrounded by forest, and greenery. She currently lives and works in Southern California, where that landscape and culture have entered her paintings, drawings and designs.

  • Deck length - 31.93"
  • Deck width - 8.25"
  • Veneer color may vary
  • Roman Pabich pro model
Uma Undercurrent Roman 8.25 x 31.93 Deck w/ 9.5 PEPPER Grip
6500 7200

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