The PopSickle is a directional freestyle powder cambered Death Machine. It loves tree runs, tight turns and floating effortlessly while your friends sink from their poor choices. This powerful Claymore will cut through any obstacle in its path. It kills monsters, solves dungeons and will melt through any Gelatinous Cube your DM conjures up. Naysayers beware!!! The New PopSickle is here.

  • Deathcore - Bamboo + Poplar core. DeathCore is team tested on groomers, terrain parks, and urban terrain and has resulted in something magical. DeathCore maintains its liveliness longer than other cores in part to the strength of bamboo. The environmental impacts of bamboo as a rapid renewable resource helps make the core a no-brainer.
  • Super Bass - Sintered Durasurf 4001
  • XXX Fiberglass - Triaxial weave
  • Aura of Protection Topsheet - A magical matte top sheet that protects your board and helps give you grip while riding one-footed. Protects from most-evil spells, hexes, curses, and witch’s brews.
  • Super Sundae Sidewalls - This tasty polyurethane sidewall dampens vibrations and reduces the chatter more than other types of sidewalls. Polyurethane is temperature adverse which makes it resilient and durable. Available on the Popsickle.
  • Pow Camber - 20mm set back stance with center carbon fiber strip.

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