All boards come with a 2-year limited warranty. Any manufacturing defects such as structural cracks, delamination, and misaligned inserts will be replaced under Rodeo’s discretion. Normal wear and tear and misuse/abuse will not be covered. Note: stripped inserts or damage caused by improper mounting will not be covered.


  • Topsheet - Matte PBT
  • Shape - Directional Twin
  • Flex - A flex of 6 makes for a more aggressive and responsive ride from the top of the mountain, down through the park.
  • Camber - Traditional Camber
  • Terrain - Freestyle/All-Mountain/Park
  • Triaxial fiberglass
  • Core - Poplar wood core
  • Carbon Beams - 1 added for strength and pop
  • Base - Sintered IS 7500. Super durable and fast base material.
  • Sidewall - Urethane that runs the whole perimeter of the wood core for a perfect bond. Urethane is extremely damp and makes for a better overall ride.
  • Rubber Dampening - Rubber foil between the edge and fiberglass helps with bonding. It also helps with overall board chattering.
  • Edges - Rockwell 48.10
Rodeo Fried Snowboard | 2024

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