Flat camber that has pop. Super forgiving and easy to shred. But will never wash out like reverse camber. Cost effective. This is one of the best park boards ever created, period. Whether you are new to the park or a highly advanced jibber this board is amazing. Our new Zero Camber™ profile makes this board ride rails and boxes like no other, along with our vario grip side cut and rubber dampening it will carve chatter free and hold an edge better than any other park board on the planet. Learn a new trick every day and have fun anywhere on the hill with this board.

  • Ultralight Core
  • Vario Powergrip Sidecut
  • Low Profile Tipitail
  • Poly-thermo Topsheet
  • Bi-lite Fiberglass
  • Sintered P-tex Sidewalls
  • Featherweight Damping System
  • Underfoot Balancing Stabilizers
  • Durasurf Sintered 4501 Base
  • Full Wrap Metal Edges
  • Centered Stance

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