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The Racetiger SC with tip rocker is built for super-fast and agile turns while still providing lots of riding comfort. This impressive combination is made possible by the integration of the UVO 3D, 3D. Glass, Powered by Steel and sidecuts with carefully aligned flex and tip geometries. The UVO significantly dampens the vibration of the ski. The 3D.Glass construction features fiberglass layers that run three-dimensionally over the ski instead of the usual horizontal-only webbing. This allows more pop as well as a sharp edge change and reliable edge grip. The GripWalk-compatible vMotion 3 binding reliably transfers the full power from the boot to the ski.

  • Full Sensor WoodcoreThe full sensor construction features hardwood in the binding area but - contrary to the speedwall wood core - under the screws and in the outer areas a lighter wood. This results in a very sporty and agile skiing characteristic.
  • Full Sidewall/Mini Cap - Full sidewall construction with mini cap overlapping to provide the best durability.
  • vMotion 11 Binding - The vMotion 11 gives intermediate through to advanced skiers a lightweight, high-performing binding with incredible versatility. The Triple Pivot Compact toe has a horizontal spring providing low swing weight and more available comfort with GripWalk boot sole compatibility. The TCX light heel pieces are easy to step into thanks to Twincam technology.
  • Base - P-Tex 2100
  • Turning Radius13.9m @ 170
  • Tail - Flat
  • Terrain - Piste, Groomers
  • Binding DIN Range - 5-11
Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis! – Be sure to have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings before hitting the slopes!

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