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The Atlas FC is the stiffest, lightest, and most responsive of the 3 Atlas models. A Union exclusive Forged Carbon highback, Forged Carbon disk cover and carbon injected Duraflex CB baseplate make this binding the go-to for boardercross racers and hard-charging downhill carvers around the globe. Instant edge-to-edge response for charging the most technical lines and powering through hard carves. The #1 choice of boardercross racers around the world.

Size Guide | Small = US 5-8, Medium = US 7-10, Large = US 10+


  • Baseplate - S7 Duraflex CB
  • BushingVAPORLITE HD - All-new High-Density Vaporlite is stiffer and more responsive than our traditional Vaporlite, but with all the same dampening characteristics.
  • Highback - ATLAS DURAFLEX CB
  • Ankle Strap - EXOFRAME 3.0 - Thermoplastic anti-slip material form fits any boot. Now wider and more grippy than ever before. Pin-lock for extra security.
  • Toe Strap - TS-2.0 TILES
  • Ratchets - Magnesium 3.0 with Aluminum Base
  • Strap Adjustment - Tooless
  • Disk Type - 4x4, 2x4, Channel
Union Atlas FC Bindings | 2023
38497 54995

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