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The Salomon driver binding is legendary for its precise transmission. STH2 WTR 13 is updated for modern skis and hard-charging. Meet the new standard.

  • DIN Range - 5-13
  • Extra-wide Toe pedal (>60mm) - A super-wide pedal that ensures the best lateral power transmission from skier to ski. Designed for intense freeskiing, perfect stability and enhanced confidence.
  • 3D Driver Toe - A patented toe concept that ensures multidirectional release options.
  • +Elastic Travel - The ultimate elastic travel on the wings. It holds the boot back when faced with bigger shocks and minimizes the risk of pre-release.
  • XL Wings - Long wings that envelop the tip of the boot perfectly in order to provide increased power transmission and confidence in freeride bindings.
  • Progressive Transfer Pads - Strengthening pads that provide progressive feel with increased dampening and forgiveness.
  • Oversized Heel Platform - A super-wide platform for the heel enabling high levels of energy transfer even on wide skis.