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Without sacrificing performance or safety, the STAGE GW 11 is the lightest DIN 11 flat binding on the market. The user-friendly interface makes stepping into the binding a breeze, and the lightweight body is agile and easy to pilot in varying, all-mountain conditions.

  • DIN Range - 3.5 - 11
  • Weight - 860 in g / 1/2 pair
  • Walk pedal - A specific pedal profile that ensures the binding’s automatic compatibility with all Alpine and GripWalk boots.
  • Automatic Wing & Toe adjustment - No adjustments needed to adapt the wings and toe-height to your boots. Just step-in and ski!
  • Wide Toe Pedal (50>60mm) - Guaranteed power transmission thanks to a wide pedal that allows a great contact zone with the boot.
  • Automatic GW boots compatibility - Thanks to the Walk Pedal, the bindings is automatically compatible with all Alpine and GripWalk boots.
  • Easy Wheel Step-in - The heel features dedicated micro-wheels for easy and comfortable step-in and out of the binding.

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