Finding the perfect balance between performance and comfort is no easy task. With its easy step-in, customizable MY CUSTOMFIT 4D liner, and full customization capabilities of the shell, this is the high-performing, perfectly fitting boot you have been waiting for. Its Gripwalk premounted for more safety grip & walking comfort.

  • Coreframe 360° - The Coreframe 360° brings lightness, enhances sensations and allows full customization possibilities. It is both shell and cuff inserts that guarantee the boot keeps its geometry and stiffness after the Custom Shell HD process.

  • Custom shell HD shell & cuffThe Custom Shell HD process on the shell and cuff aims to bring fast and complete personalization to your boots in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power, and direct transmission.
  • My Custom Fit 4D RaceThis new, anatomically designed pre-shaped Race liner is built without any internal stitches, offering a snug foothold, more accurate steering, and a precise fit. Cushier foams make it easy to step in, the outside placement of the Talyn® fabric facilitates customization, while the elastic toe box naturally adapts to the available space. 
  • Polyurethane + fiberglass coreframe + Custom Shell HD + sensifit insert - The material with consistent density ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity, and power transmission. The Custom Shell HD makes personalization possible in 10 minutes, the thinner wall construction and new materials bring your foot closer to the shell for added sensations and power, while the softer PU on the external overlap makes step-in easier.
  • Gripwalk premounted ISO 9523GripWalk pads are premounted and their specific shape offers improved walking comfort and more grip no matter the conditions.
  • Weight1800 g
  • Flex - 130
  • NormGripwalk

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