S/MAX 60T Large uses Oversized Pivot and a specific, thinner shell to deliver ultimate transmission and flex to young racers.

  • Twinframe - Thanks to its bi-material construction of the Twinframe design, the hard chassis part delivers power transmission & precision, while the softer upper part offers better wrapping.
  • My ThermicFit Jr Liner - The Thermic Fit Junior liner has pre-formed zones which protect the tibia and forefoot, while also providing good comfort and warmth.
  • Alpine Pre-Mounted ISO 5355 - Alpine pads are premounted and compatible with ISO 9462 alpine bindings.
  • 360° 28mm Strap - A 28mm strap to hold the foot securely and offer good elasticity.
  • Riveted Oversized Pivot - The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.
  • Boot Sole Type - Alpine (ISO5355)
  • Last (Width) - 100mm
  • Weight - 966g

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