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Push your skills. Explore more. The women's Experience 82 Basalt ski brings a lightweight build and predictable edge control for all-resort skiing. The flex is tuned to deliver a relaxed feel and effortless carving. A paulownia wood core reduces overall weight, while basalt layers absorb vibration for a smooth ride. The confidence-boosting control of our Drive Tip design works with the sidecut and full sidewall construction for smooth turn initiation and a powerful edge through the entire turn. An 82mm waist balances a quick feel edge to edge with the width to handle varied conditions.

  • Sidewall - Rectangular – Rectangular Sidewall constructions feature a horizontal layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) combined with full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power.
  • Rocker Type - All-Trail – Designed to ensure smooth and progressive absorption of uneven areas of terrain in all types of snow. The perfectly tailored profile and sidecut guarantee the ideal behavior of the tip in any condition.
  • Core - Paulownia – A light and fast-growing hardwood from SE Asia, Paulownia is the preferred starting point for high-performance lightweight skis.
  • Dive Tip Solution - Longitudinal glass fibers combined with visco-elastic materials absorb vibration and provide directional stability.
  • Basalt - Yes, we mean the black-ish mineral that forms natural columns on many of our volcanoes. The basalt is heated until molten, then extruded into thin strands which can be woven into a sort of fabric. Basalt fiber adds lightweight strength and dampening when used in ski and snowboard constructions.
  • Turning Radius13m @ 159
  • Tail - Flat 
  • Terrain - All-Mountain
  • Binding DIN Range - 3.5-11
Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis! – Be sure to have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings before hitting the slopes!

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