Looking for the traditional cure-all for what ails you? Try the Hawthorn, a classic remedy for those who cruise, carve, and float through pow at a more moderate pace. The traditionally cambered profile, directional-flex, tapered tail, and setback stance reduce fatigue naturally. A mellower flex, early rise in the nose and 2x traction bumps added along the edges aid in smoother edge transitions for a more relaxing ride. Responsibly sourced and constructed with modern eco-friendly materials make the Hawthorn lighter weight, setting a new standard for all-mountain freeride boards.

  • Directional-Camber, Nose Rocker - Rocker in the nose leading into traditional camber under foot. Float effortlessly through powder and lock-in on groomers.
  • Mid-Stiff 6/10 Flex - Powerful, snappy and stable. Directional flex.
  • 2X Traction Bumps - Extra edge contact points to give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions.
  • 1X Basalt Stringer - A replacement for carbon fiber with similar characteristics; 1 straight Basalt Stringer is strung tip-to-tail to increase pop for jumping, torsional snapback for smoother carving AND stability at speed by damping those nasty vibrations.
  • Sintered BaseAccelerates quickly, carries speed, stays strong, smooth and durable.
  • BIO-ResinComposed of bio-renewable materials from the industrial waste of the paper pulp and bio-fuel industries, bio-resin removes materials from waste streams and gives the board a snappy and lively feel!
  • Recycled MaterialsRecycled bases, sidewalls and edges.
  • Sustainable Wood CoresLocally sourced, sustainably harvested wood cores.
  • Digi-Print TopsheetLacquer-free, matte finish topsheet; direct digital print with non-toxic, solvent-free inks.

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