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The NX 12 GripWalk® binding is a lightweight, user-friendly all-mountain binding. A Full Action toepiece and lightweight NX heel deliver instant boot-to-ski power transfer and fluid shock absorption with an easy step-in design. The binding's overall lightweight construction makes skiing and carrying skis easier. It's compatible with adult ISO 5355 and GripWalk® boot soles.

  • DIN Range - 3.5-12
  • Multi-Directional ReleaseLOOK is the only binding brand to develop a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective 180⁰ MULTI DIRECTIONAL RELEASE in the instance of a fall.
  • Easy Step-In/Step-Out - Intuitive design with wide step-in zone offers easy entry-and-exit.
  • Lightweight - We design lighter bindings so that you can forget any worries about your kit and just enjoy skiing without compromising on safety.
Look NX 12 GW Bindings | 2022
15996 19995

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