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The Evolv 84 features a flat tail helping finish turns with authority, while the more compliant tip leads the skier into turns easily. Quick and powerful thanks to VMT 3.0® construction, the Evolv 84 is the right ski for skiers who want frontside performance with the ability to mix things up in variable terrain.

  • VMT 3.0® - VMT 3.0® takes our successful vertical metal core technology two steps further by adding two additional aluminum alloy struts on either side of the center strut. This creates a precise, quiet ride, that is light and nimble in difficult conditions.
  • Hammer Rocker - Hammer Rocker comes armed with an early rise tip and camber back to the tail for powerful edge grip and precise turn shape. Effective Turning Edge: 85% - Tip Rocker: 15%
Liberty Evolv 84 Skis | 2023
48997 69995

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