$ 369.95

With higher retention settings and forward pressure, top freestylers and racers can enjoy legendary performance and retention while still dramatically reducing the possibility of a knee injury. Comes with 3mm ramp delta for more balanced stance. KneeBinding fully cantilevered brakes and geometry allow more aggressive carving and more reliable switch landings. High visibility neon-green and black.

DIN / Min Value - 5

DIN / Max Value - 14

Boot Sole Type - Alpine (ISO 5355)


The Knee Carbon ski bindings offer an innovative solution to injury, a heel piece that releases sideways to reduce the chance of serious knee injury.

Professional-grade KneeBindings are also the ONLY bindings made in America,
with superior leverage, edge-grip, and retention. We offer industry-leading elasticity,
cantilevered brakes, configurable ramp delta, precision toe height, the most stable boot platform, the widest mounting platform, and a full floating mount system for "flat" skis.