Shane McConkey's energy and innovation changed skiing forever, and his legacy lives on in the innovative design of the Pon2oon. Our Powder Rocker profile and a responsive Fir/Aspen core create an unsinkable ski for even the deepest of days. Outfitted with Carbon Boost technology, these Pon2oons will remain playful and rebound at every turn.

Tech Features
  • Powder Rocker™ - Designed for unmatched flotation in deep snow. This tip has the most elevation and longest rocker and offers skiers a surfy feel with enhanced soft-snow performance. The camber still exists to ensure edgehold in firmer conditions.
  • Fir + Aspen Core - Energetic, tough, dense wood that absorbs impact while giving riders the advantage of a proven flex, durability, and snap.
  • Carbon Boost Braid - Longitudinal carbon stringers woven into the K2’s patented Triaxial Braid for added pop and rebound, found on freeride and factory team skis.
  • McConkey DesignThanks to a massive 132mm waist and a fully reversed rocker camber profile these bad boys are the ultimate choice for deep snow days. A newly designed powder tip and progressive powder tail makes the ski more maneuverable and easier to scrape speed when needed.
K2 Pon2oon Skis | 2023

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