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For all-day comfort, customization, and performance, the K2 Meridian sets the bar and takes a freestyle approach to cruising, popping, and slashing your way all over the mountain - no wonder it’s a Team favorite.  Exclusive to K2, the TriPod™ Chassis takes center stage on the mid-flexing K2 Meridian. This technology works in harmony with the natural geometry of the human foot to find the sweet spot between energy transfer and board flex. We’ve also built-in 3º of canting and an adjustable power ramp place you in a balanced riding position while perfectly matching the shape of your boot outsole. The urethane-based Tweakback™ highback is flexible and features our Gap Eraser™ forward lean adjustment, eliminating the need for a traditional lean-block - resulting in a lighter weight binding with superior response.

Size Guide (Women) | Small = US 3-6, Medium = US 6-9

  • TRIPOD CHASSIS - A way to rethink the traditional binding baseplate design. Designed to act as the most biomechanically efficient chassis possible, the TriPod™ baseplate features power transmission pods that coincide with the three points of contact of the foot and is designed to flex the way that the foot is naturally meant to.

  • GF NYLON PERFORMANCE CHASSIS MATERIAL - Fiberglass-filled nylon construction that’s strong and supportive regardless of temperature with an adjustable heel cup.

  • GAP ERASER™ FORWARD LEANGap Eraser™ technology completely eliminates all gapping between boot, highback, and heelcup, creating an even stronger bond between you and your snowboard.

  • RATCHETS - Aluminum Fixed-Pivot RatchetIntegrated EX Feed Housing
  • FLEX - 5/7

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