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Blending luxury and technology, the K2 Estate is a mid-flexing boot with an unmatched fit. Featuring our Mobility Conda™ BOA® for maximum heel hold, an Intuition® SpaceHeater™ Liner to keep your feet warm, and a Vibram® RollSole™ with Harshmellow™ to give riders increased mobility and vibration dampening, the Estate features top-of-the-line components all in an approachable package.

  • REINFORCED RUBBER - Abrasion resistance reinforced outsole rubber is placed in areas of high stress to extend the life of the boot and increase durability.

  • INTUITION® PRO FOAM 3D - Our most supportive liner, featuring a high-density Intuition® foam for added support without sacrificing comfort. This liner features both internal and external J-Bars around the ankles, where extra support is needed.

  • HDR PREMIUM SYNTHETICS - Eight times more durable than a standard polyurethane material, HDR Premium Synthetics is a proprietary synthetic durable finish designed for extreme conditions. The dynamic resin system provides exceptional abrasion and durability performance well beyond standard synthetic materials.

  • BOA® MOBILITY CONDA LINER SYSTEMEverything you love about Boa® Conda™ with a narrower lace path that allows a bit more freedom to tweak.

  • VIBRAM® ROLLSOLE OUTSOLE - Designed with mobility in mind, the RollSole™ Outsole aims at providing additional range-of-motion without sacrificing any support. This outsole is ergonomically shaped and allows riders additional maneuverability for next-level heelside carves and surf-style vibes.

  • HARSHMELLOW - Harshmellow™ is a magical dampening system that replaces industry-standard foam dampening materials. Harshmellow dampens the specific target vibration for each product and works to create the smoothest ride imaginable.

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