The Disruption Jr is for kids who know how to rail a turn, for those tearing up the racecourse, or for those chasing Mom and Dad on early-morning groomer missions. Outfitted with a Speed Rocker, Triaxial Braid Technology, and a lightweight Aspen Core the Disruption Jr perfectly combines flex and versatility with maximum stability. The Disruption Jr is the piste ski your little ripper needs to hone in on their developing skills.

Tech Features
  • Speed Rocker - Short and low rise in the tip for quick turn initiation and precise steering.
  • Aspen Core - A single wood species ensures consistency - giving riders the advantage of a proven flex, durability, and snap.
  • Triaxially Braided - A K2-patented process that interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled core for pronounced torsional stiffness, while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood ski.
  • DIN Range - 2-7
Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis! – Be sure to have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings before hitting the slopes!
K2 Disruption Jr Skis + FDT 7.0 Bindings | 2023

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