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The Descendant 8 from Full Tilt features the newest shell incarnation with a little more accommodating fit than the FTO shell. The Evolution Tour Pro shell has a 102mm last that best fits skiers with a medium to narrow foot shape and a medium to narrow shaft of the leg. The Pro Wrap Liner can easily be heated by a ski shop to contour to the shape of your foot for added comfort. New to the Descendant 8 is the ability to have the shell heated and molded to eliminate hot spots or pinch points. A Shock Absorbing boot board smooths out vibrations from big landings or rough terrain. The 8 Flex Tongue offers enough stiffness and power for the most aggressive skiers to enjoy this responsiveness and control. A 45 Degree Heel Lock Buckle keeps your feet locked down and secure as you charge around the entire mountain. If you want the original three piece boot, with a fit for the masses that is packed with power the Full Tilt Descendant 8 is a perfect choice.

SKI BOOT CATEGORY: Freeride, Freestyle, All-Mountain


FLEX: Stiff - 8/10

WEIGHT: 2050g @26.5


100% ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. No more shin bang!


The boots flex is rated on a simple scale of 1-10 (10=stiffest). Change a boots flex by simply switching the tongue. (Competitors boots require permanent cutting).


Easy, precise lateral angle adjustment. Original & Soul shell: 12mm Influence Shell: 3mm


A quantum leap in ski boot design – the FTE is a new shell born from the original 3-piece DNA by constructed for those with a wider footprint.


The ladder buckle features an intuitive, easy to remember, macro-size adjustment, plus a micro-twist for fine adjustment with a light easy-to-handle aluminum lever.