$ 174.97 $ 249.95

Female-driven and park-proven, the ID 7.1 Lara blends a timeless design with inspired technology. With an entirely new construction based around a softer shell, it provides an unrivaled fit and the perfect blend of comfort and performance. Get ready to hide these from your friends.


  • POWER HANDLEEspecially convenient and easy to operate, the Girl Power handle is the perfect complement to the lacing system on our women‘s boots.
  • FLEX RATING - 4/10
  • POWER STRAPThis strap provides extra support for your shin to enhance response.
  • L2 - Two clasps and two handles—a pull on each handle secures your foot to powerfully and precisely transfer energy to your board.
  • PRO FLEXDesigned for freestylers who demand premium performance, this construction creates a defined flex zone in the boot’s joint area. This eliminates bulging and maximizes support, creating the perfect blend of flex and stability.
  • BACKBONE - This reinforced panel cradles the back of the boot to maximize durability and enhance response.