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Elias Elhardt is nothing short of a visionary. And his signature boot, the Formative, is a testament to his fresh perspective and deep commitment to progression. With the goal of reducing the Formative’s impact on the environment, DEELUXE worked with Elias to reimagine how boots are constructed—without compromising their performance. The Formative’s streamlined design requires less resources and its shell contains Rise by Bloom, which replaces a significant portion of the traditional EVA required for footwear foam. Rise is a bio-based foam derived from algae harvested from compromised ecosystems. This approach leverages algae’s ability to sequester carbon while helping clean water and restore aquatic habitats. For a truly custom fit, the boot sports DEELUXE’s Stage 4 liner and Freeride Tongue. To further enhance comfort and performance, the Formative pairs traditional lacing with the BOA® Fit System, which secures the ankle and heel. The boot also features a Remedy sole for exceptional traction and cushioning. And an optional power strap can be used to boost control and response. True to Elias’s focus on relentless refinement, we aim to continually evolve the Formative, using it as a means to pioneer fresh technology that reduces our impact on the environment. Tread lightly and ride into the future with the Formative.

  • Power Strap - This strap provides extra support for your shin to enhance response.

  • Traditional Lacing - Traditional lacing provides a classic look and feel.
  • Backbone - This reinforced panel cradles the back of the boot to maximize durability and enhance response.
  • Pro Flex - Designed for freestylers who demand premium performance, this construction creates a defined flex zone in the boot’s joint area. This eliminates bulging and maximizes support, creating the perfect blend of flex and stability.
  • Jib Tongue - Lean and mean, DEELUXE’s Jib Tongue is at home in the park and the streets, yet it’s also perfect for anyone seeking an incredibly precise and responsive ride. Especially thin, this deconstructed-style tongue offers maximum power transfer and a direct boot-to-binding connection. Its clean appearance is perfectly paired with traditional laces, yet the tongue excels with any lacing system. And to enable you to further customize your boot’s flex, the Jib Tongue has a single-position pocket that can accommodate an optional Flex Booster. Whether locking in your boardslides or boosting your ollies, the Jib Tongue delivers the power and precision you need to take your riding to the next level.
  • Flex Booster - Available as an accessory, the Flex Booster strengthens a boot’s tongue, creating a stiffer flex while offering additional support. It can also prolong the life of a boot by restoring or enhancing its flex. Thanks to a progressive design, it provides greater resistance as it bends, optimizing support and protection—especially from harsh landings. As icing on the cake, the Flex Booster enables you to modify a boot’s flex for specific adventures—be that reinforcing the flex of a jib boot to slay kickers or transforming a freestyle boot into a banked slalom hero. You don’t need gym shorts to appreciate this flex.
  • D-Tex - Waterproof and breathable, this membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.
  • Remedy - You don’t need a prescription for DEELUXE’s Remedy. Especially versatile, the Remedy sole provides the perfect blend of traction and cushioning. It offers exceptional grip while hiking and when it’s time to send it, the sole’s free-floating heel cushion ensures smooth landings. And thanks to a reduced footprint, it minimizes toe and heel drag. Give your feet the treatment they deserve with DEELUXE’s Remedy sole.
  • Bloom - Rise is an environmentally-conscious, high-performance replacement for traditional petroleum-based EVAs. Foams utilizing Bloom’s algae technology deliver striking performance values, which make them excellent replacements for conventional foams. Algae’s natural thermoplastic qualities allow Rise to meet, and in some cases exceed, performance characteristics of conventional closed-cell flexible foams.
  • Stage 4 Liner - Hold nothing back with DEELUXE’s Stage 4 liner. Featured in some of the finest boots in our collection, this premium liner delivers an unprecedented out-of-the-box fit. With a precisely tailored anatomical design and a refined heel pocket, the liner hugs the contours of your foot while maximizing performance. An external heel harness further cradles your foot while providing exceptional heel hold, as well as quick and secure lacing. For additional comfort, the Stage 4 liner sports a roomier toebox with a four-way stretch material. The freshly-designed back panel further enhances the liner’s fit while optimizing support. And for an unsurpassed custom fit, the liner can be thermofitted—with or without toe caps. Unleash your potential with DEELUXE’s Stage 4 liner.
Deeluxe Formative Boots | 2023
24497 34995

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