As a three-time Transworld Good Wood Award winner and star of endless video segments, no board has seen more screen time than the ULTRAFEAR. With a proven Dual Blaster V2 Core™Carbon Aramid Body Armor, and a full-length Cork Edge-Dampening System, the technically advanced composition of the ULTRAFEAR provides increased ollie power and a toughness coveted by many riders. Loaded with high-end technical attributes and upgraded with an all-new Superdrive™ FX base, the ULTRAFEAR stands as one of the world's greatest jib and park boards.

  • Camber - Resort V1 Profile - RESORT V1 Profile boards take full advantage of the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. This next-generation design allows you to get the pop and response of a cambered board with all the predictability and easy turn initiation of zero camber or reverse camber shapes.
  • Core - Dual Blaster V2 Core™ - The Dual Blaster V2 Core™ features internal Poplar strips fused with super light, high-strength Paulownia wood featured in premium boards. With a stable and predictable feel underfoot, these lightweight cores provide the energy and reliability required for Capita's most in demand boards.
  • Sidewalls - 1.5 mm Cork Edge Dampening System - Damp, durable, and lighter than rubber, the CORK EDGE DAMPENING SYSTEM is placed in between the steel edge and the ABS sidewall for increased protection from blunt force impacts.
  • Base - Superdrive™ FX Base - Similar to the SUPERDRIVE™ EX, the newly formulated FX base is more transparent, yielding clearer, more vibrant graphics.
  • Profile - Rocker / Flat / Rocker
  • Shape - Radial SidecutTrue Twin
  • Terrain - All-Mountain, Freestyle, Park
CAPiTA Ultrafear Japan LTD Snowboard | 2023

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