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Tina Basich is a snowboarding pioneer who helped pave the way for women to get out and ride. After her daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2017, she started creating mixed media artwork incorporating images of her daughter’s spine, which she titled Scoliosis Warrior Art. “I hope to raise awareness for scoliosis through my artwork, show the beauty of our journey, and how much it has opened my heart.” This Tina Basich Guest Pro Model is presented in limited quantities, with a portion of the proceeds, along with other fundraising efforts, going directly to help her family’s journey.

  • P2 SUPERLIGHT CORE™Extremely lightweight and versatile core combined with high impact resistance and maximum pop.
  • CARBON FIBER BOOSTERS - Increases power and response while remaining ultralight.
  • SPECIAL BLEND FIBERGLASS + MAGIC BEAN™ RESIN - Custom weighted Biaxial top / Biaxial bottom = increased strength and durability. Impregnated with reformulated, high-performance plant-based MAGIC BEAN™ RESIN.
  • QUANTUM DRIVE™ BASE - Harder, stronger, faster, the Quantum Drive™ base is an updated sintered ultra-high molecular weight, ultra-high density polyethylene—the Millenium Falcon of bases, just got turbo charged.
CAPiTA Tina Basich LTD Snowboard | 2022
39996 49995

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