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The CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Racer is built for pedal-to-the-metal good times. Its massive nose and tapered squash tail shape deliver insane float in the deep stuff, but crank it up to speed on fresh groomers and you'll be equally stoked on railing deep, surfy, hand-dragging carves. With a cork inlaid core for added dampness and Technora Flax Boosters for drive and power, this thing is ready to party.

  • Camber Type - Surf Rocker – The SURF ROCKER features a continuous arching tip and tail inspired by the modern design of many of today’s best surfboards: flat through the inserts with smooth arcing tips and tails. The gentle low angle allows for maximum float and control.
  • Core - FSC Certified Hover™ – Engineered as a building block for high-end, high-performance models, this core is a shining example of CAPiTA's Space Age technical supremacy. Designed using high yield materials, the HOVER CORE™ is so light it essentially floats across the snow. Thin cut, low-density Paulownia strips are combined with 7mm Poplar beams to create an ultralight and intensive response across all models.
  • Sidewalls - Full ABS1000
  • Base - Powder Drive™ – Dynamic and durable, easy to maintain, and reliable, this base material is electric through the trees and fast over the flats. Featuring attributes of both sintered and extruded base material the POWDER DRIVE™ base was exclusively formulated for the extra-wide chassis of the Spring Break Powder Division and was designed with the powder lifestyle in mind.
  • Profile - Rocker / Flat / Rocker
  • Shape - Directional
  • Terrain - POWDER

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