The 2023 CAPiTA Scott Stevens Pro features a core as unique as, and constructed specifically for the master innovator of new tricks, Scott Stevens' unique riding style, this board does everything he wants in order to push the snowboarding envelope in creative, fun, and spontaneous ways. Built with an extremely lightweight and versatile core that combines high impact resistance and maximum pop and carbon fiber boosters to increase the power and response you would demand from this board. The playful flat camber profile allows Scotty to get wild all over the mountain, turn on a dime, and jib, bonk, slide, shred, ride, slap and jump off anything and everything, all while staying strong through the incredible stress he puts his gear through. This year is truly a special moment for the Scott Stevens Pro as it is both his 10-year anniversary of his pro model with Capita and his dream collab with Zero Skateboards with graphics done by industry legend Jamie Thomas.

  • Camber - Park V2 Profile - These versatile boards feature a dual reverse camber Flat Kick freestyle shape. A zero camber section throughout the insert area provides a stable skate-style feel, while elevated contact points turn on a dime and float effortlessly in powder.
  • Core - FSC Certified P2 Superlight Core™ - The P2 SUPERLIGHT CORE™ is an extremely lightweight core engineered to withstand high impact and deliver maximum pop. Comprised of an even mix of Poplar and Paulownia wood, the P2 is FSC® Certified and ready to dominate in any environment.
  • Sidewalls - Full ABS1000 Sidewalls + 1.5 mm Cork Edge Dampening System - Damp, durable, and lighter than rubber, the CORK EDGE DAMPENING SYSTEM is placed in between the steel edge and the ABS sidewall for increased protection from blunt force impacts.
  • Base - Quantum Drive™ Base - The QUANTUM DRIVE™ running base is formulated with a progressive blend of compressed ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. As an evolution from the already blazing fast ULTRADRIVE™, this running base features higher density for durability and absorbs more wax to wick longer and ride faster. Properly maintained sintered bases are fast, durable, and are the preferred choice of many high-end enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Profile - Rocker / Flat / Rocker
  • Shape - Blended Radial SidecutTrue Twin
  • Terrain - Freestyle, All-Mountain, Powder
CAPiTA Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard | 2023

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