The 2023 CAPiTA Outsiders has quickly become a favorite amongst team riders for the simple reason that it crushes any and all terrain in its path. The progressive park and resort camber configuration have a small zone of flat 4cm before the tip and tail to offer a more controlled ride, while still having the response and power of a full cambered snowboard. Mix this in with a mid-flexing core and a twin shape and you get a snowboard that offers maximum power that pops off everything, locks onto rails, and is rock solid when landing big jumps. If you want to see just what this board can do, check out what CAPiTA's Miles Fallon did at the X-Games and have your mind blown.

  • Camber - Park V1 Profile - The PARK V1 camber configuration zeros out a traditional camber approach 4 cm before the end of the sidecut. The small zero camber sections provide a more controlled ride while retaining the response and power of a cambered board.
  • Core - FC Hover Core™ - Enhanced with Forged Carbon rods integrated beneath its core, the FC HOVER Core is extremely light and strong with excellent dampening properties.
  • Sidewalls - Full ABS1000 Sidewalls
  • Base - Hyperdrive™ Base - Exclusively formulated, sintered, ultra-high molecular weight, ultra-high density polyethylene, custom-engineered with special additives. Rated for the most depraved speed junkies ONLY.
  • Profile - Flat / Camber / Flat
  • Shape - Blended Radial SidecutTrue Twin
  • Terrain - Freestyle, Park
CAPiTA Outsiders Snowboard | 2023

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