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The 2021 Arthur Longo Capita Mercury is a celebration of one of the most stylish and powerful riders on the planet, Arthur Longo. Arthur has seen his fair share of competitions and podiums, but he's also constantly creating content, putting down tricks and getting your every day rider stoked on snowboarding. Blowing up the internet recently with his Side Hits Euphoria series, Arthur has captured something accessible to everyone and made it incredible, going bigger and landing smoother then should be possible. After years of riding pretty much everything, Capita have recognized Arthur's incredible riding ability and rewarded him with a spot on the team and his very on pro mode, the Arthur Longo edition Mercury. Check out Arthurs riding down below, if that doesn't make you want to go snowboarding, nothing will.

  • Rocker Type - Resort V2 Profile - This revolutionary all-terrain shape provides the best of both worlds. It has a raised camber platform through the inserts to retain high-speed edge hold through variable terrain, elevated contact points to land and float in powder, and Flat Kick tip and tail arcs for faster, more aggressive transitions.
  • Core - FSC Certified Panda Core™ - Super lightweight Certified Core aligned with bamboo power rods.
  • Sidewalls - Full ABS1000
  • BaseHYPERDRIVE™ BASE - Exclusively formulated, sintered, ultra-high molecular weight, ultra-high density polyethylene, custom-engineered with special additives. Rated for the most depraved speed junkies ONLY.
  • Profile - Rocker / Camber / Rocker
  • Shape - Directional
  • Terrain - All-Mountain, Freeride