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The Chaos is aimed at creative freestyle riders who demand the most performance and comfort to lap the park all day. The AsymWrap frame construction allows for more lateral flex compared to the Fullwrap version so you can tweak and press things out with ease. It features a slightly shorter highback design we call the ‘Quarterback’, which allows greater lower leg movement when you’re getting technical on the rail line or want to bone stuff out. Transfer ankle and toe straps are a durable one-piece construction creating the perfect connection to your boot.

Men's Size Guide | Medium/Large = US 7-10.5, Large/Extra-Large = US 10.5-14


  • Fast-Entry Ladders - FastEntry Ladders are designed for easy binding entry and exit. The strap’s concave shape is designed to pop open when released. FastEntry ensures that you won’t be fighting to get in and out of your bindings giving you more time to ride.
  • AuxTech - Auxetic Shape Technology uses hinged patterns that expand perfectly around your boot without stretching or distorting the material eliminating pressure points, and providing next-level support and comfort.
  • Adjustable Forward Lean Highback - Fast, tool-free adjustment via a clip on the rear of the highback. Dial it up for a more aggressive heelside response or use less lean to keep it chill.
  • Bulletproof Buckles - Super solid, die-cast aluminum ratchets that will never let you down. Featuring a triple-tooth action for super fast strap closure.
  • Transfer Ankle Strap - One-piece construction that’s lightweight and bombproof. The pre-curved, ergonomic design spreads pressure evenly across the foot and offers an ideal level of freestyle flex and support.
  • Transfer Toe Strap - The Transfer Toestrap features Auxetic Shape Technology – a hinged pattern that expands perfectly around your boot without stretching or distorting the material.
  • AsymWrap Chassis - The choice of riders that are looking for some side-to-side tweak and a bit of a surfy feel. The 3 connection points will offer a slightly more mellow side-to-side flex without sacrificing edge-to-edge control.
  • Highback Rotation - Angle your highback parallel to the heelside edge for the most efficient power transfer.
  • Flex - 5/10 - Softer bindings won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer bindings are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.
    Bataleon Chaos Asymwrap Bindings | 2023
    20997 29995

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