$ 269.95

The most versatile alpine binding yet, the Armada WARDEN MNC 13 delivers great transmission and power in any condition. Pair with any Armada Ski and you’ll find consistent drive and release performance with alpine and touring boots alike.

TRANSMISSION - Progressive Transfer Pads

DIN RANGE - 4-13

SAFETY - Sliding Toe pedal

TECHNOLOGIES - Automatic Wing Adjustment + Heel Arch Technology

TOE / Compact Toe

SOLIDITY U Power construction with toe directly built in its platform, for maximum solidity and transmission. POWER TRANSMISSION Oversized, 71mm wide platform enabling high transfer of energy, even on wide skis. MNC Compatible with all normed boots, without compromising safety or performance.

HEEL / Arch Heel

SOLIDITY Heel arch technology for lateral reinforcement. POWER TRANSMISSION 73mm wide for increased lateral transmission.

COMPATIBILITY & NORMS / MNC (Multi Norm Certified)

Same performance and guaranteed safety level, whatever your boot norm.