Armada ARV 96 (2019)
  • Armada ARV 96 (2019)
  • Armada ARV 96 (2019)
Armada ARV 96 (2019) - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

The Armada ARV 96 makes a great ski for any skier looking to hit the park and the rest of the mountain. AR75 Sidewalls keeps you feeling very maneuverable, delivers edge grip when you need it and dampens out vibrations. Armada's AR Freestyle Rocker makes the ski feel playful when you are lining up a big jump, finding your top speed on the groomers and dipping into the trees for some soft turns. A Spin Tip lowers the swingweight. The ARV 96 has the Pop-Lite Core that is made with lightweight soft wood running the entire length of the ski and horizontally laminated harder woods that drive energy towards the snow. The 2.2 Impact Edges are thicker and more durable to help withstand damage from rocks or rails. If you want a single ski that takes on the park, steeps, deeps and anything in between the Armada ARV 96 is a great ski for you.


Rocker Type

AR Freestyle Rocker  Rockered tips and tails are combined with positive camber underfoot to allow the ski to charge with ease through unpredictable snow and maintain a solid carve when asked to do so. Turn the whole mountain into your playground.


Flex Pattern (1=Soft, 10=Stiff)  Tip: 6, Waist: 7, Tail: 6.5


Pop-Lite Core  Lightweight wood is combined with a higher density, stiffer species in a horizontal laminate to create an impossibly lively ski that has all the power needed for boosting to new elevations.


Spin Tip  Lightweight material in the tip and tail allows for increased maneuverability for the ski when in it's in the air.


AR75 Sidewalls  Sidewalls provide improved edge pressure under the boot, while cap constuction in the tip and tail provides smooth turn initiation and less hookiness - 75% sidewall, 25% cap.


S7 Base  Durable and low maintenance, with a speed additive for quickness.


2.2mm Impact Edge  Heat treated, built to avoid excess weight while maintaining durability.