Spring 2023 Release!

We are proud to introduce you to the beautiful Antihero Jeff Grosso Grimple Stix Guest Deck, which features a brand new ‘Nooner’ shape! This deck will fully satisfy your hunger to skate by giving you a full serving of performance with a 7-ply Maple construction that you can depend on. As a result, this board is rock-solid with tons of pop and is ready for technical or hammer tricks. With its badass concave and new signature shape, it is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro!
  • Deck length - 31.8"
  • Deck width - 9.0"
  • Jeff Grosso Guest Deck Nooner Shape
  • 14.25 WB
  • 7-ply Maple construction
  • *Top stain color may vary*
Antihero Grimple Stix Jeff Grosso Guest Nooner 9.0 x 31.8 Deck w/ Pepper Grip

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