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The Pact is designed specifically for beginners and is an easy-to-use binding with forgiving flex for progression. Focused on comfort to keep you riding and exploring snowboarding in any condition.


  • Zone Baseplate - Boarding basic. Durable and easy to fit, available in three sizes-the Zone baseplate is easy to use, easy to ride.
  • 3D prime ankle strap - The 3D Prime features a 3D construction that matches our boot’s tongues. Creating even, seamless contact with your boot no matter how loose, or tight you buckle ‘em down.
  • Freeframe Highback - Frame your game. Lightweight, with tool-free adjustment, our ergonomically shaped Freeframe highback gives your boots and bindings the best fit possible.
  • Universal Disc - Ultimate compatibility with all existing mounting systems on the market.
  • Toolfree Strap Adjustments - Just that: easy length adjustment on the fly with no tools needed.
  • Composite Buckle - Composite materials combine to the 3 axis mechanism for a super deep throw, with a three-point hinge and powerfully smooth adjustment.
  • Weight - 742 g

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